Team + Collaborators

The project is developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in the fields of art, science, and philosophy. The team includes senior staff, researchers belonging to the CFCUL’s “Art and Science” research group (member staff) and external collaborators with whom we have already strong research relationship. Participants have different disciplinary backgrounds and very diverse experiences which have been enriched and enlarged over the years by preserving and improving interdisciplinary exchange, experimentation and research.

Research Team
Head: Catarina Pombo Nabais (Portugal) (PhD) – Philosophy
Adalberto Fernandes (Portugal) – (Science Communication)
Ana Gaspar (Portugal) – Scientist (Psychology)
Cristina Azevedo Tavares (Portugal) (PhD) – Art Theory (Fine arts)
David dos Santos (Portugal)- Dancer
Francesco Giarrusso (Italy) (PhD) – Communication studies (Cartographic images)
Graça Corrêa (Portugal) (PhD) – Art and Theater
Joana Ricou (USA) – Bioartist
João ‘Cão’ Duarte (Portugal)- Philosophy of Science
Lucília Pinho (Portugal) – Scientist (Physics)
Margarida Lopes Grilo (Portugal) – Artist (Dance and performance)
Maria Estela Jardim (Portugal) (PhD) – Scientist (Chemistry)
Marta de Menezes (Portugal) – Bioartist
Pedro Caldas (Portugal) – Artist (Film director)
Pedro Farinha Gomes (Portugal)- Philosophy
Pietro Conte (Italy) (PhD) – Aesthetics
Sara Fuentes (Spain) (PhD) – Fine Arts
Telma João Santos (Portugal) – Mathematics and Arts (performer)

CFCUL collaborators
Alexander Matthias Gerner (Germany) (PhD) – Artist (Theater) and Philosopher
Ana Figueiredo
Ana Teresa Bígio
Ana Paula Suarez
Diogo Silva da Cunha (Portugal) – Philosophy
João L. Cordovil (PhD) – Philosophy of Science
João Pinheiro (Portugal) – Philosophy
José Félix Costa (Portugal)
José Marmeleira
José Nunes Ramalho Croca (Portugal) (PhD) – Scientist (Physics)
Maria João Brilhante (Portugal)
Nuno Carvalho (Portugal) (PhD) – Philosopher (Deleuze)
Nuno Nabais (Portugal) (PhD) – Philosophy
Olga Pombo (Portugal) (PhD) – Philosohphy
Pedro Salgado (Portugal) – Artist
Tiago Pereira (Portugal) – Cultural studies

External collaborators
Agapi Dimitriadou (Portugal)
Ana Nobre (Portugal)- Artist
Andrea Pinnoti (Italy) – Aesthetics
Andreia Tocha (Portugal) – Artist
Athanasia Vidali (Greece) – Artist
Bela Silva (Portugal) – Artist
Bernardo Mendonça (Portugal) – Journalist
Bruno Santos (Portugal) – Scientist (Immunology)
Carlos Fragateiro (Portugal) – Theater
Carlos Ramos (Portugal)
Carolina Lapa
Caroline Challan Belval (France) – Artist
Claude Imbert (France) – Philosophy (Aesthetics)
Chris Robinson (USA) – Artist (Nano art)
Dalila Honorato (Greece) (PhD) – Artist (Media art)
Dulce Courelas (Portugal) – Designer
Eric Guichard (France) – Philosopher (Cyberculture)
Frederik Stjernfelt (Denmark) – Semiology (Diagrammatics)
Gabriela Salazar (Portugal)- Arquitect
Maria Giulia Dondero (Italy) – Linguist (Art-science theory)
Ingebrog Reichle (Germany) – Art Theory (Bioart)
José Luis Garcia (Portugal) – Sociologist (Bioart theory)
Porfirio Silva (Portugal) – Philosophy (robotics)
Rui Malhó (Portugal) – Scientist (botany)
Rasmus Slaattelid (Norway) – Philosopher (Nano images)
Lucia-Caistor (Portugal)
Luciano Boi (Italy) – Mathematitian (Art- science theory)
Luis Graça (Portugal) – Bioscientist (Biochemistry)
Maria Antonia González Valerio (Mexico) – Philosopher (Art-science theory)
Maria Xavier (Portugal)
Marianne Strapatsakis (Greece) – Artist
Raquel Melo Morais (Portugal)- FAS
Rita Machado (Portugal)
Rob Kessler (UK) – Bioartist (Nano art)
Sebastião de Bottom (Portugal)- Coletivo Warehouse
Sergio Azevedo (Portugal)- Plano Lisboa
Susana Sequeira (Portugal)
Tatiana Arquizan (Portugal)
Vanessa Vadagliacca (Italy)- Art History
Veronica Fabrini (Brazil) – Artist (Theater)