To contribute for the theoretical advancement on the relations between Science, Art and Philosophy;
To investigate different connections between the work of scientists, artists and philosophers.
To investigate the permeability of the arts, science and philosophy as porous fields; verifying their capability to absorb new ideas, concepts, problems and developments;
To design methodological tools which will facilitate the dialogical practices between scientists, artists and philosophers;
To explore the possibility of reinvention of philosophical work through an inner, innovative experimentation with scientists and artists;
To open fresh perspectives to research activity of artists, scientists and philosophers.
To design a place where artists, scientists and philosophers are brought together to produce and work on new ideas in a laboratory that will be in a constant reshaping, providing evidence of the positive impact of cross-domain disciplinary practices over creativity.
To set up a large interdisciplinary network of international researchers working on the relations between Science-Art-Philosophy.
To develop and experiment innovative methods of interdisciplinary work between Science, Art and Philosophy;
To show the importance of interdisciplinary practices for defining the specificity of the disciplines that intersect;
To imagine and to promote new research modalities.
To understand on a deeper level that experimental research is culturally necessary and serves to transform how to simulate, interact with, and experience the world.