One of the most original aspects of SAP LAB lies in getting philosophers, artists and scientists together, working in the same physical place, in order to stimulate interactions between different disciplines and sectors in a process of mutual learning process.

SAP LAB articulates theory and practice, always paying great attention to knowledge drawn from practice methodology as well as to cooperative work and learning together procedures. For example, all the experimental events (such as residencies), are always followed by theoretical analysis and discussion (in the seminars). We also aim to introduce innovative, interdisciplinary practices able to open new methodological perspectives in the approach to the area of science-art-philosophy.

SAP Lab is organized as follows:

SAP Lab Residencies where scientists, philosophers and artists develop their research in a context of deep interdisciplinary work-in-progress.

SAP Lab Seminars where a regular conceptual and accurate analysis of all the work occurring at the residencies is developed. In parallel, we aim at discussing the overall theme of Science-Art-Philosophy in confrontation with the specific topics of on-going research on the four Lines of inquiry.
1. Sci-Art Seminar
2. Philosophy Reading club

1. Mind the gap. Public talks about Science and Art
2. Talkink to (scientist, artists, philosophers)
3. The Science of Art

SAP Lab Exhibitions
SAP Lab International Conferences
Summer School